Start-Up Opportunities


We welcome all start-up’s to join us at the Start-Up Exhibition and Start-Up Parade
Start-ups are integral to industry and innovation.

Start-Up Exhibition

For a special price of €500 start-ups will receive:


  • Virtual Exhibition Space


  • Sponsors logo with hyperlink will appear on the virtual platform


  • 1 full complimentary registration


  • Banner with sponsors’ logo on the virtual platform home page
  • Acknowledgement on virtual platform

Start-Up Parade Session

Startup companies from across the globe addressing brain health are invited to submit an abstract for oral presentation during the Brain-HIT Start Up Parade session.  The abstract should demonstrate an innovation within the field.  All submissions will be reviewed and 8-10 submissions will be selected for presentation.

Successful submissions will be given approx. 8-10 minutes to present their innovation in a dedicated session in the program.

Those that are accepted must attend the Congress with a start-up exhibition space.

To submit your abstract, please complete the BrainHIT2020 Startup Parade- Abstract Submission Form.
Completed forms should be sent to

Extended Submission Deadline: 5 October 2020

For further information, please contact:

Joanne Golibroda – Industry Sales Manager
Tel UK:    +44 203 051 4032 ext 520 
Tel US:    +1 857 400 0035 ext 520 


The Congress will begin at 13:00 PM Central European Summer Time CEST – GMT+2

For assistance entering the virtual platform, please send an email to: